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Even though I’m a yoga teacher, meditation comes really difficult for me. I’m good in breathing techniques, but at the moment in which I stop counting the breaths or repeating inhale, exhale, my mind starts to wander without control.

That’s why, I choose meditation for my January challenge. Each month I’ll challenge myself to add a new healthy habit in my life. I give myself a month to see if the new habit sink with me, or it comes difficult.


Did you know that the words “medicine” and “meditation” come from the same Latin word? The root is “mederi” that means to heal.

This information was given to me by Jamie Zimmerman in an Insititute for the Integrative Nutrition conference. Jamie was explaining the importance of meditation in a scientific way.

Researches show that mindfulness change gene expression for the better. For example, meditation promotes anti-inflammatory genes.

Scientists studied that in 8 weeks, meditation can change brain function shifting from a “fight or flight” response (more nervous) to a “rest and digest” function (calmer).

They studied that the Amygdala, an almond-shaped set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe, correlated with aggressive behavior, shrinks in size when practicing mindfulness for 8 weeks.


Jamie suggested the RPM Approach: Rise, Pee and Meditate for 5 minutes. That’s what I did for 21 days and I have to say, it started to become something I couldn’t say no anymore. It started to become part of my routine. While the curtains were still half down and the sun was popping thru them, I sat on the bed, and started meditating.

My usual position was:

  • my bum on the pillow, to allow my spine to be naturally straight;
  • legs crossed (but if you are sitting on a chair that’s totally fine to have your feet touching the ground);
  • hands abandoned in my lap or positioned in a mudra on my knees (this would change from day to day).

I used the app Calm, it offers a 7-day Free Trial. I paid last year for this app, in another attempt to be more mindful. I’ve been practicing meditation before this 21-day meditation challenge, but this is my longest streak. The app is well structured. You can have a guided meditation, a story that will help you sleep, introductions to meditation and self-paced meditation. I found it helpful, and for a beginner, it comes definitely in handy. I did 5 minutes a day.


I found myself missing it when I didn’t practice it in the morning. I felt amazing after the first week. I felt my brain calmer. It was thinking things thru, without getting angry all the time. In the last days, I didn’t practice consistently because I was traveling back home for two weeks, and I feel the change in my brain stability.

I know that 21 days can feel like a long time, but it isn’t actually. Most of all, if you keep track of it in a calendar. That’s why I created a free printable. That you can download here.

free printable meditation 21 day meditation
free printable 21 day meditation

If you feel like giving meditation a try, leave a comment down here and we can keep ourselves accountable and see the changes in our brain and in our perception of the world.



26 years old Italian living in Spain. Yoga teacher and health coach with a passion for writing, traveling and learning.


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