Christmas presents for a yogi

Do you have a friend who’s a yogi but you have no idea what to gift them for Christmas? Well, you came to the right place. I’m that yogi friend, so I can easily help you with your task and suggest what I would love to find under a Christmas tree as a yogi (wink to all my friends out there).


yoga mat bag active therapy clothing sustainable

Most of your yogi friends will probably have a yoga mat yet, that’s the first tool that a yogi needs. Most of all, if in the yoga studious where they practice they have to rent it. Sometimes, when you buy a yoga mat, the bag to carry it doesn’t come with it, or it’s ugly. If you see your friend carry her yoga mat under her arm, or thrown in the trunk of the car with no protection, for the sake of the poor mat, I suggest you gift them with this yoga mat bag from ACTIVE THERAPY CLOTHING, a mindful activewear ethically made in the UK. It’s pretty, help the environment and will help your yogi friend to carry her precious yoga mat to the yoga studio or wherever they are going to practice. 


A yogi always wants to dig deep more into his practice. One of the main focuses of yoga is Pranayama, the control of breath. During a yoga class, your yogi friend will face this part of yoga that will help him heal from the inside. There are various aspects of this practice that are not talked about during the class. If you feel like your friend can be interested, they can dig dip with a book that I read and discovered during my yoga teacher training: The Healing Power of Breathing“. 

3. Yoga pants

yoga pants grand canyon yoga

Yoga pants are an essential part of everyday life, so essential that even people who don’t practice yoga wear them. You can find them online, pretty much everywhere. You have such a huge variety of choices. From the most known as OYSHO, that offers an entire line dedicated to yoga, or 90 DEGREE BY REFLEX (personally my go-to) to the small businesses like ACTIVE THERAPY CLOTHING and SHAMBHALA BARCELONA


dragonfly hot yoga gift

A yogi always wants to keep practicing, even when it’s already a yoga teacher and he or she could easily do it by themselves. As Lucas Rockwood says: “Practice is everything”. Gifting a friend with a bundle at a local studio will make them the happiest people in the world. In December, studios begin to sell those gifts bundle. I’m sure your local yoga studio does it to, ask for it.


studying continuing education macbook laptop notebook

This is mostly for teachers, but for non-teachers too. Most people think that a 200hours YTT is the end of a journey. In reality, it is just the beginning. I’ve personally heard so many yoga teachers saying: “After this, I’d love to focusing on Yin Yoga, or Kids Yoga, or Yoga Trapeze”. Those continuing education training can be a little bit expensive, but definitely less than a 200 hours teacher training. If you want to invest in your friend’s future, don’t hesitate to gift them with a course like this. It could be even a business, marketing course for an entrepreneur yogi friend. 

26 years old Italian living in Spain. Yoga teacher and health coach with a passion for writing, traveling and learning.

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