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Sugar detox: one month after

A month ago, after a weekend of sugar 24/7, I decided, supported by my boyfriend, to quit sugar for a certain amount of time. Now, a month after, we went back on the sugar wagon but with a different approach on it.

This is what I ate and what I didn’t eat


I divided this month into two parts without even noticing it.

The first three weeks were pretty strict. I didn’t allow myself to have processed sugar of any kind, I was feeling great and I didn’t want to feel worse again. My body experimented a little bit of withdrawal a couple of days after I took the decision. I felt weak, with no force whatsoever but I carried on because I knew it was just my body needing that drug.

Once the withdrawal phase passed, lasted for two days probably, I didn’t have any problem. I replaced processed foods with healthy snacks, fruits, oats. Plus, I had a supportive boyfriend that stick with me along the way.

Last week, I allowed myself to have sugar one day of the week when I was at the movie theater watching Avengers. I had a couple of candies and I drank a little bit of Fanta (just because the water wasn’t included in the pop-corn menu).

That little bit of sugar didn’t really cause any kind of issues in my body, but what I’ve learned in this month without sugar is that I’m able to control myself.


I’m not going to quit sugar forever from my diet. I don’t believe in those restrict regimes, but I believe in reeducating yourself to eat. I believe in learning from your mistakes, understand what’s good or bad for you.

This month really helped me understand that I can live without sugar, that my body is not going to die without processed foods. I found substitutes for it, I still ate sweets and baked them but didn’t put sugar into it.

I tried natural food, I love it, but sometimes, in special occasions, I will go back to processed sugar. I will enjoy that candy that I like, I will drink a little bit of Coca-Cola but I will definitely reduce it.

I believe in the 80-20 rule. 80% healthy food, 20% processed food or sugar.

That’s what I’m going to stick to. But I will be so thankful for this month because it made me understand the unlimited possibilities out there.

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