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Because money is currency and currency is energy, when you shrink down and lower your prices to accomodate someone, you’re basically saying the equivalent of “I don’t think you could grow and manifest the money you desire to work with me. I don’t believe you’re that powerful. I also don’t think I have the right to charge what I’m worth or to make the decisions around here about what to charge.

“You are a badass at making money” – Jen Sincero


Oh god, they have been my worst nightmare in the last year. I’m talking about the past, not because I suddenly won the lottery, but because I shifted my thoughts about it thanks to the amazing Jen Sincero and her book: “You are a Badass at Making Money“.

I’ve never looked at money like they were the devil, but growing up money wasn’t related to positive thoughts. When in 2009, the economic crisis hit Italy hard, my family didn’t got spared.

Money was always associated with problems because the lack of it. Because of that, my thoughts around money have been shaped in that way. Even when I had a job, I didn’t have enough money. Even when I was independently wealthy, I thought I didn’t have enough money.

Don’t you think it’s crazy how the thoughts that we have, unconsciously, come out from the situations that surround us?

In my family, money was a problem, so my brain started to think unconsciously that having money was a problem. A long list of never-ending problems. I was unconsciously avoiding and accepting my situations of wealth because money was a problem in my mind.

After I read Jen Sincero’s book, something shifted. I know it may sound a little bit weird, I’m definitely not the kind of person who believes in the Universe listening to you, but after I read the book and did the exercises that Jen suggested something weird happened. Firstly, I got a call from a local studio to sub two classes, which meant money. Secondly, I found 10€ on the ground.

I know, it’s definitely not all the money that I needed, but it was a start. I started to see money like energy, instead of a problem.

I got excited about money for the first time in my life. It’s not just believing money are coming your way, it’s believing it and working hard towards it.

I started to value money for all the things they give me. I’m not saying beautiful clothes or amazing things I would never use in my entire life. I’m talking about the freedom that money gives you. Having money it allows you to fly from a place to another to see people that you love. Having money allows you to take that course that will so much enrich your knowledge. Having money allows to rent a flat, buy a car and live an independent life. Having money allows you so much freedom and it’s necessary to value it.

If you are struggling with money, please read the book, there’s the Italian and the Spanish version available too. Life is already hard, don’t let your thoughts block you from having what you should have. Sometimes it’s just ourselves, we are our own enemies. Understand that, and you’ll be the master of your future.



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