Hey, listen to me, where do you live now?

"Hey, listen to me, where do you live now?”

How many times did people ask me this question. How many times did I want to respond: "Mind your own business?" How many times I did not do it.

Too many.

To many this question may seem easy. To me, every time you ask me this question, I feel like dying a little bit. Not because I do not want to say it, but because there is so much enclosed behind the name of a simple city.

If I would simply say Seville, I would omit that Italy is where I was born, I would lose sight of those two years in the United States and the many trips that I've done. Yes, I live in Seville, but there is a long series of adventures that led me there. If I am the person I am right now, I owe it to all the events that have changed me. Just saying Seville, which it is definitely not a "just", people would never know of all the places I called (and actually still call) home for years.

BERGAMO is certainty.


That 's where live most of the people who are my strength. Bergamo is cold, but at the same time it's where I go back to warm my heart. From this city of northern Italy I wanted to escape so many times. Still today, when I return just for a couple of days, I feel as if something is choking me. Perhaps only the fear of my past. Bergamo is the childhood spent running through the village with former friends, some of which still run to my side. Bergamo are mountains always there to protect me, my north every time I leave the house. Bergamo is the great plain that reminds me every day that the possibilities are immense. Bergamo are the high school friends, no matter where life goes, they will always be there. Bergamo is home.

Then there was MADISON, the adventure.

madison wisconsin

A gut decision, the one that I said to myself: "Make it , or break it. " Madison is not cold, it is freezing, but despite the less 20 degrees in some winter days, I never felt alone. Madison is friends from all over the globe: Sud Africa, Germany, Hungary, Colombia and even Italy. Madison was the base for the craziest trips that ever came to my mind, and thank God that I have met people who have supported me in these crazy decisions. Madison has taught me independence in the true sense of the word. It taught me to overcome the grief, to move forward despite all odds. It taught me that making long-term plans does not work for me, best small steps at a time. Madison was the best choice I could make for two years fairytale, living in a bubble from which I would never have wanted to get out. Madison is home.

And finally, surprisingly, SEVILLE, the love.

sevilla seville spain
siviglia remedies

If Madison was a gut decision, Seville was a heart decision. There are people who will revolutionize your life, no matter how much time have you spent with them. To me, it took just one day together to realize that he was a person that I had to have in my life. We support each others, we bear each others, We laugh and joke, we discuss too, as if we did it since forever. We live in between different languages, between different cultures, learning day by day our differences, our qualities and our faults. We grow together in this year that is so difficult for both of us in many different ways, we support in adversity, in spite of everything. Seville is lightweight. And warm colors, It is suffocating heat in the middle of summer. Seville is home.

I walked thru the cold of Bergamo, the frost of Madison, and the heat in Seville.

I walked thru Italian, English and Spanish.

I walked thru certainty, adventure, and love.

I adapted, I transformed, Now you understand why the question "but, listen to me, where do you live now?" It's the hardest question that you can ask me?

With love,


26 years old Italian living in Spain. Yoga teacher and health coach with a passion for writing, traveling and learning.

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