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Does perfection really exist?

Perfection (noun, per·​fec·​tion | \ pər-ˈfek-shən  \)\ is defined as the quality or state of being perfect such as freedom from fault or defect.

Merriam-Webster dictionary

I chased perfection for years. No, wait. I chased someone else’s perfection for years. That would be more accurate. When you grow up, it is easy to be influenced in the wrong way. You don’t really know what’s good for you, what is not, so you just notice what is around you.

What happens when what you see around you is super skinny, perfect skin and flawless models?

You start to believe that you are not perfect, because they are the representation of perfection, that’s what society likes and you want to be liked by society because you are a kid and have no idea what’s going on.

Then, one day, while you are in art history in high school, you start to think. The teacher just presented to you the “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli. You look at that and you think that’s perfect. It’s a masterpiece, it must be perfect but even though it’s a work of art, the teacher said loud and clear that the Venus wasn’t perfect.

How? How that beautiful woman was not perfect? And he started to point out why she wasn’t perfect.
venus botticelli

Venus’ body is anatomically improbable, with elongated neck and torso. Her pose is impossible, her weight is shifted too far over the left leg for the pose to be held. The proportions and poses of the winds to the left do not quite make sense, and none of the figures cast shadows.


But, in my eyes and in the eyes of many other people, she was a work of art. I looked at her body, and even though she didn’t have an “anatomically probable figure”, she had a body that was way closer to mine than I’ve ever seen before. She had curves, she had a body that had some flaws but she was a work of art.

So, why do we consider the Venus a work of art with her flaws, and we can’t accept ourselves with our defects and faults? Hard question, right?

You may not have the same body has the Venus, but you’ll most likely have some flaws that you can’t really accept: big ankles, that tummy that doesn’t go away, a double chin, a nose that has never set good in the middle of your face, those tiny eyes or those huge eyes, those tiny lips or those huge lips. All of us, we have defects that we have a hard time to accept.

I have a hard time accepting my hips, no matter how much I workout, they are always going to be there. But lately, I’m becoming friends with them. It’s not their fault they are there, it’s not my fault they are there. They are my body, and as they are I should accept them and so, accept myself.

It’s hard to accept yourself, it’s not easy but once you look at that Venus, and you see how everybody accepts her flaws, why can’t you accept yours?

I believe that everybody is a work of art, an amazing unique one. As we take care of works of art, we have to take care of ourselves mentally and physically.

Take care of your body, nourish it with healthy food perfect for you, move your body not to change it but to enjoy it more and more.

When I suggest to my clients to move, it’s not because I want them to be skinny as the top models. It is because I want to give them a healthy and long future of personal acceptance. Doing physical activity it gave me a healthier body but didn’t “destroy” my hips because that’s how my body is.

Accept yourself. Love yourself as you are but take care of your body to prevent diseases that are preventable. You are a work of art, treat yourself as you were a beautiful painting in a museum: nourish it, love it, protect it.

If you want to walk on the path of acceptance, we can work together. Set an appointment to this link . It’s totally free. It’s a talk where we see if we are a good fit, if we can work together to reach your goals so that you can change your habits and your mind in a healthy way, taking care of your body.



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