Hi, my name is Elena.

I’m a health coach and yoga teacher from Italy.

I’m 26 years old. I’ve been an expat since 2016 dividing my heart between Italy, United States, and Spain. I now live in Sevilla, Spain, but I’m working mostly online.

My life changed when I took my first yoga class while I was living in the States.
Yoga didn’t help me lose weight, but it gave me the mentality to do so.

I was pretty unhealthy when I was younger, and I kept being unhealthy, for a while after I started practicing yoga. When I started to understand that the mind-body connection was real and I needed to nourish my body with whole food, rather than junk processed one, everything changed.

In September 2018, I became a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Teachers College (200hr), a Yoga Alliance registered school (RSY) in Barcelona, Spain.

In March 2019, I certified as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My goal is to empower women all around the world in understanding that they are works of art. I see so many women treating themselves so badly that I want to change that. I was like that, and sometimes I still am but now I have the tools to change that judgment against myself and help others.


Any question fill the form down here, I will reply as soon as possible.